We first met Rennie through a Surety Bond agent who referred us to him, and said that before you renew with your current Insurance Broker, you should definitely get a “Second Opinion.” Low and behold he saved us a ton of money, increased our coverage, found holes in our old program, and retroactively got us credits that were available of which we had no knowledge. The experience was so profound that we refer him to Business Associates all of the time. He has stayed very active on the account and is easy to contact, and is basically “on call” for us and our firm.

Type of Business: Asbestos, Demolition, and Environmental Remediation Contractor
Annual Sales: $8 – $10M
Employees: 40- 60
Savings to Client: 41% with more robust coverage
Dollar Value: > $200,000
Years Insured: 5

Bob C. - President