Our Main Business Services Overview


The commercial property and casualty market is cyclical and has gone through significant fluctuations over the last few years. We are committed to staying on top of the market as pricing and underwriting practices change in either direction.

At Brandywine we have been very careful and deliberate about choosing a diverse group of carriers to represent. We have chosen to partner with stable and aggressive “A” rated insurance companies enabling us to provide our clients with the best available products, now and in the future.

Services include:

  • Claims
  • Certificates of Insurance (Download here)
  • Billing Inquiries
  • Audits
  • Contract Reviews

Stewardship Meetings Mean Proactivity
We pride ourselves on being a proactive agency when it comes to the Commercial Insurance Marketplace. What you will find is a team of seasoned Insurance Professionals that are committed to our clients and the success of their businesses. Brandywine acts as the Outsourced Risk Manager and Claims Department. We are your trusted advisor and learn to understand your corporate culture and goals through a systematic regimen of stewardship meetings… this way all issues come to a resolution.

Risk Management and Claims Oversight Services
Our firm is dedicated to managing your account. We want you to think of us as a Claims Advocate. We achieve this by becoming a vital link between you and your insurance carrier.

Your claims experience is the single most important factor considered by insurance companies when developing your premium. For this reason, Brandywine’s claims oversight services are essential to your business insurance program. By carefully monitoring your claims throughout the policy term, managing larger claims and claims frequency issues, and scrutinizing suspicious claims, our firm will minimize your loss history and keep your premiums competitive.

Value Added Services include:

  • Loss Control and Safety Audits
  • Experience Modification Analysis
  • Early Return to Work Coordination
  • Pre & Post Accident Drug Testing
  • OSHA guidelines evaluations
  • OSHA 300 logs
  • Audit and Disputes and Reviews
  • Classification Analysis with Workers Comp Bureau
  • Human Resources and Employment Manuals
  • Workplace Safety Committee Implementation
  • Construction Credit Audits
  • Fleet Safety Programs
  • MVR Watch program
  • Certificate of Insurance Compliance with Subs or Vendors
  • Claims and Medical Bills Audits
  • Surveillance when Needed
  • Fraud Alerts
  • Insurance Adjuster Reviews