Brandywine Safety Advisors

Professional Safety services focused on protecting your company’s employees, reputation and bottom line.

It took you a lifetime of great decisions to grow your business into the successful entity it is today. Build on your success with another timely decision to better protect your company and employees from work related injuries and illnesses, regulatory violations and insurance claims by “Partnering in Safety” with Brandywine Safety Advisors.

Brandywine Safety Advisors embrace your same work ethic, values, and principles to provide expert assistance to your company through Safety and Health auditing of policies, procedures, facilities and worksites to protect your assets, save you money, and better position your company for growth.

Brandywine Safety Advisors have strategically positioned ourselves as a subsidiary of Brandywine Insurance Advisors in order to offer a turn-key product which focuses on risk management and a proactive approach to Safety. We are a diverse and highly energized group of professionals dedicated to protecting your company from losses and creating a proven profit center in Safety. We will assist you in realizing monetary savings through our unified approach to reducing direct and indirect costs and affecting Safety metrics which dictate future work potential, while reducing your organization’s insurance premiums.

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Certified Safety Committee

Brandywine Safety Advisors believe that a vibrant Safety culture is the cornerstone of success for every corporate Safety program and would like to be the linchpin by which your management team connects with your employees.

Through assisting in the creation and on-site support of your Certified Safety Committee, Brandywine Safety Advisors will bring a small group of representative members of management and employees from your organization into the same room, one time per month, in order to open a critical network of communication while facilitating the meeting to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, Brandywine Safety Advisors will coordinate all state certification efforts including management and submission of necessary documentation and required training for committee members in order to secure the 5% Worker’s Compensation insurance premium discount for your company.

Written Program Development

Brandywine Safety Advisors believe that all work related injuries, illnesses and incidents are avoidable.

We will assist your company with developing a Corporate Health and Safety Program, Hazard Assessments, Site Specific Health and Safety Plans, Process Safety Management programs, Behavioral Based Safety programs, an Employee Safety Incentive Program and a Job Hazard Analysis program in order to engineer hazards out of processes and keep your company in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Site Specific Training

Brandywine Safety Advisors will develop and lead tailored training programs which focus on hazards specific to your business operations to ensure compliance with applicable in-house, client-specific and governmental regulatory requirements for employee training.

Company Safety Representative

Even the most Safe and proactive companies intermittently experience incidents and are subject to regulatory agency inspections.

Brandywine Safety Advisors will represent your company during investigation of incidents and propose and manage implementation of corrective actions.

We will facilitate and guide medical care in order to ascertain appropriate care for the employee and minimize direct and indirect costs associated with an incident. We will develop a company specific back-to-work program in order to reduce severity of incidents and improve your OSHA Rates and Experience Modification Rate (MOD), with a focus on improving your bottom line through premium reductions.

Brandywine Safety Advisors will utilize our deep knowledge of governmental regulations to interface with regulatory agencies as your company agent to mitigate violations and fines and propose and implement corrective actions.

We understand that building trust onsite between your employees and your clients leads to repeat business opportunities and will review contract Safety specifications, assist with submittals, develop plans to address the client’s needs and represent your company as liaison during contractor meetings.