We first met Rennie through a Surety Bond agent who referred us to him, and said that before you renew with your current Insurance Broker, you should definitely get a “Second Opinion.” Low and behold he saved us a ton of money, increased our coverage, found holes in our old program, and retroactively got us credits that were available of which we had no knowledge. The experience was so profound that we refer him to Business Associates all of the time. He has stayed very active on the account and is easy to contact, and is basically “on call” for us and our firm.

Type of Business: Asbestos, Demolition, and Environmental Remediation Contractor
Annual Sales: $8 – $10M
Employees: 40- 60
Savings to Client: 41% with more robust coverage
Dollar Value: > $200,000
Years Insured: 5

Bob C. - President

The relationship with our Broker, Rennie Rodriguez, has been instrumental in the growth of our organization and the bottom line of our financial statement. He has literally saved us so much money that my friends do not believe it. He does this by forward thinking and by being relentless for a fair and solid Business Insurance program. A lot of the savings have also come from the education that if we do not have claims, we can keep the money that is being set aside for those claims. This has made our organization safer and diligent in our Risk Management techniques and we now hold departments accountable for General Liability and Workers Compensation claims. Brandywine Insurance Advisors’ have representatives from their firm in our office for a bi-monthly meetings to go over claims, renewal strategies, and market trends. Brandywine is the most Pro-Active Insurance Broker that we have ever dealt with. Highly recommended.

Type of Business: Supermarket Chain Owner, Land Developer, Hotel & Country Club Operator
Annual Sales: > $ 100M
Employees: 1000-1200
Savings to Client: 32% with the ability to get back money for low claims activity
Dollar Value: > $300,000
Years Insured: 7

Pat B. – President & CEO

We have actually known Rennie socially for decades but never thought to ask him for a quotation, because we did not want to mix business with pleasure. However, we received a horrible renewal that was delivered to us late, and had a major increase attached, that we felt was unwarranted. We asked Rennie if he would help… he dropped everything, put together a highly competitive package, and saved us substantial premium. Since then, he has been very approachable and his staff is quick to turn around any request. It seems as though nothing gets stale when asked for. Brandywine is honest and informative when dealing with coverage that does not make sense or the laymen would not know was important. Rennie’s 25 years in the business gives him the skill set to explain insurance and make it easy to understand. We are very satisfied with both the Business and Personal relationship.

Type of Business: Chain of Restaurant & Bars
Annual Sales: $5 – $6M
Employees: 40-60
Savings to Client: 25% with greater limits and better coverage
Dollar Value: > $ 20,000
Years Insured: 6

Mark H. – Principal